Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Keep the outside world at bay with our Privacy Series of vinyl fences designed with seclusion and security in mind. Create an open-air feeling to your landscape while still retaining a sense of seclusion with our Semi-Privacy series.

Seclusion and Privacy

We know that privacy goes both ways. Whether you’re interested in hiding an ugly neighbor’s house from view or want to make sure that you’re protected from the eyes of the outside world, our fences can help you maintain your privacy and seclusion.


Strength and Security

Unlike other types of fencing, our patent pending GlideLock technology helps lock every picket tightly in place without any gaps. This method provides added strength to your fence and helps it stand up to the elements.


If you’re looking for an alternative to the closed off feeling that a solid wall fence feeling creates, our Semi-Private fencing styles allow for a perfect mix of airflow and light while still maintaining the right amount of security and privacy.