UHMW-PE: Provides outstanding abrasion resistance and a low coefficient of friction. Impact strength is high and chemical resistance is excellent. UHMW-PE also exhibits a high coefficient of thermal expansion (meaning that the material will expand or swell under increased temperatures). This product is also FDA compliant, however, it will not handle heavy loads or hold tight tolerances.

NYLON 6 (Cast): This nylon exhibits all the properties which generally make NYLON a superior engineering material; high strength, low friction and wear resistance, however, because of the casting process, part size and thickness are almost unlimited without degradation of the internal structure. Cast NYLON is available in a wide variety of FDA approved shapes. It is also available in blue, glass filled and molybdenum disulfide filled grades.

NYLON MD: The addition of molybdenum disulfide particles to NYLON 6/6 enhances the lubricity of this product over unfilled NYLON. In applications requiring high lubricity, this material may be a good candidate. In addition to greater lubricity, other property enhancements include: low surface friction, increased heat resistance, higher tensile properties and improved dimensional stability. These materials are not FDA compliant.

NYLOIL® FG and MDX: Cast Nylon 6 with built-in oil lubrication gives this material a lubricated surface at all times. In addition to excellent lubricity, other characteristics include excellent wear resistance, improved dimensional stability and machinability, Grade FG is FDA compliant.

ACETAL (DELRIN)®: The stiffest and highest design strength unreinforced plastic. ACETAL has an excellent combination of physical properties that make it suitable for numerous applications. It has a hard scratch resistant surface, low friction, excellent resistance to hydrocarbons and high fatigue endurance. This material machines like brass and is dimensionally stable and offers excellent resistance to moisture. The standard grades of DELRIN® offered are 150SA and 550SA. These materials are FDA and USDA compliant. The key properties are as follows: 550SA- The best machinability of all grades, however, less impact strength. 150SA- improved impact strength over 550SA.

NORYL®: A PPO (Polyphenylene Oxide) and styrene alloy. the hydrolytic stability of NORYL makes it a good choice for many applications where fluids are present. It is FDA compliant and suitable in food-based applications.

NYLON Supertough ST801: This grade of nylon offers the same characteristics of standard NYLON with the addition of greater impact strength.

PET: An unreinforced, semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyester. Excellent wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, high flexural modulus and superior dimensional stability make it a versatile material for designing mechanical and electromechanical parts. Because PET has no centerline porosity, the possibility of fluid absorption and leakage is virtually eliminated. PET is somewhat brittle and FDA compliant.

POLYCARBONATE (Machine Grade): Transparent thermoplastic with high impact strength, high modulus of elasticity and good high voltage insulating properties. Some practical limitations of POLYCARBONATE sheet include exposure to high temperatures and humidity over long periods of time. This material is not FDA compliant.

DELRIN® Glass Filled: Stock shapes exhibit the basic DELRIN properties plus high strength. Overall mechanical properties and dimensional stability are enhanced in this tough material. Specific property advantages include increased stiffness, better creep resistance and higher dimensional stability. Parts designed using glass-filled will exhibit high fatigue endurance, low deformation under load and good impact resistance. Caution: glass-filled materials can be abrasive to the mating surface. Not FDA compliant.

TEFLON® PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene): TEFLON is a member of the fluorocarbon family and very well known for its chemical and heat resistance. It is insoluble in almost all, organics. TEFLON also resists attack by most corrosive chemicals, retains its strength in extreme temperatures and because it absorbs little energy, excels as electrical insulation. Impact strength is high, but its resistance to wear, tensile strength and creep resistance are low in comparison to other engineering materials. This material is FDA compliant.

POLYSULFONE: A semi-transparent, heat resistant, ultra-stable high performance engineering thermoplastic. This material offers excellent mechanical, electrical and chemical resistance properties which remain unchanged over a broad temperature range. It is FDA compliant and has excellent electrical properties and can withstand multiple autoclave cycles.

ULTEM® (Polyethimide): ULTEM® is an amorphous, thermoplastic polyethermide (PEI) material which combines exceptional mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Its continuous use temperature of 332 degrees F is higher than that of commodity plastics such as NYLON and DELRIN®. It is widely used in the electronic market because of its good arc resistance and dielectric constant. It is also a prime material for medical applications because of its ability to withstand multiple autoclave steam sterilization. This material is FDA compliant.

PES (Polyethersulfone): This polymer exhibits high resistance to heat and combustion, low smoke emission, low moisture aborption, and generally good mechanical properties. Heat resistance of 398 degrees F at 264psi can be expected. This material is FDA compliant.

KYNAR® PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride): This high molecular weight polymer is a member of the fluorocarbon family. PVDF provides greater strength, wear and creep resistance than PTFE. PVDF will not handle the high temperatures of PTFE, however; this material will operate in the -100 degrees C to -150 degrees C range. This material is FDA compliant.

DELRIN® AF: A combination of oriented TEFLON® TFE fluorocarbon fibers uniformly dispersed on DELRIN® acetal resin. This combination produces a material that has strength, toughness, dimensional stability and fabrication economy which approaches that of DELRIN®, plus the surface characteristics of unlubricated TEFLON®. Not FDA compliant.

PEEK (Polyetheretherketone): This crystalline, high temperature engineering thermoplastic, offers excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties and outstanding resistance to abrasion and dynamic fatigue. PEEK is ideal for electrical components exposed to heat over 464 degrees F. This material is not FDA compliant.

TORLON® Poly(amide imide): This resin exhibits exceptional physical and chemical properties with superior resistance to elevated temperatures (from 400 to 500 degrees F continuously). It is available in 3 grades: electrical, bearing and 30 percent glass reinforced. This material is not FDA compliant.

SINTIMIDTM T: SINTIMID T polyamide-imide stock shapes maintain their mechanical and wear properties in temperature environments up to 570 degrees F. SINTIMID T bearing grade offers improved wear resistance and high PV capabilities at elevated temperatures. Unlike other polyamide-imides, SINTIMID T requires no post-curing.

VESPEL®: This product performs well with or without lubrication under conditions which would destroy other plastics or severely wear many metals. VESPEL parts function over a wide range of temperatures (550 – 900 degrees F) and stresses. VESPEL retains its outstanding creep resistance, abrasion resistance, and strength under adverse conditions. VESPEL provides a unique combination of the physical properties of plastics, metals, and ceramics. This material is not FDA compliant.